Automatically analyze documents for authorship attribution, contract cheating, plagiarism detection, demographic profiling, and threat assessment.


Currently Supporting .Doc; .Txt; .Rtf; .Eml; .Oft And .Pdf Files.


Plagiarism & Forgery

The Plagiarism & Forgery version of Flint's Software enables the detection of (i) plagiarism, i.e. whether or not the known author of a known document copied text without authorization from the author of other documents, passing the document as their own work, and (ii) forgery, i.e. whether or not the alleged author of a known document indeed wrote the document at question.


Who is the actual author of a given document?  The user has a document with an alleged author, and the question is whether they indeed authored the document, or whether it was authored by someone else.  


Documents which have been authored by the alleged author.  


FLINT will perform a linguistic analysis comparing the document at question with the group of documents provided as Input, running a statistical analysis to determine whether or not the alleged author indeed authored the given document


Report determining whether or not the alleged author is the author of the alleged document, indicating a level of certainty associated with authorship